Solving the “Accommodations for Friars and Nuns” Crossword Clue

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If you’re an avid crossword solver, you might have come across the clue “accommodations for friars and nuns” at some point. While the like accommodations for friars and nuns crossword clue answer may seem obvious to some, others may find themselves stumped. In this article, we’ll explore the possible answers to this clue and shed some light on the accommodations available for members of religious orders.

Possible Answers to the Clue

The most common answer to this clue is “convent,” which refers to a community of nuns. However, this answer only covers half of the clue, as friars are not typically housed in convents. Other possible answers include “monastery,” which is a community of monks, and “abbey,” which can refer to a religious community of either gender. It’s worth noting that the word “friary” also exists, which is a dwelling place for friars, but this term is much less common than “convent” or “monastery.”

Accommodations for Religious Orders

Religious orders have been around for centuries, and members of these orders have unique living arrangements based on their roles and duties. Convents are typically reserved for nuns, and they serve as a place for religious contemplation and study. Convents vary in size, but they often have a central chapel, living quarters for the nuns, a dining hall, and other common areas.

Monasteries are similar to convents, but they house monks instead of nuns. Monks may have individual rooms or live in communal quarters, depending on the order. Like convents, monasteries often have a chapel and other common areas, and they may also have areas for agricultural or manual labor, depending on the order’s traditions.

Abbeys can refer to a religious community of either gender, and they are typically larger than convents or monasteries. Abbeys often have more amenities, such as libraries, schools, and hospitals, and they may also serve as a place for pilgrimage or retreats.

Regardless of the specific accommodations, members of religious orders often take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, meaning that their living arrangements are typically simple and focused on their spiritual work rather than material possessions.

In addition to living quarters, many religious orders have other specialized spaces within their accommodations. For example, cloisters are outdoor spaces, typically enclosed by a wall, where members of religious orders can walk and meditate in solitude. Chapter houses are meeting rooms where the community can gather to discuss spiritual matters, while scriptoriums are rooms dedicated to copying and illuminating manuscripts.

The history of religious orders and their accommodations is rich and varied, with different orders and communities developing unique practices and traditions over time. Today, many convents, monasteries, and abbeys are open to visitors, offering tours and retreats for those interested in learning more about these fascinating communities.


The “accommodations for friars and nuns” crossword clue can be tricky, as there are several possible answers. Convents, monasteries, and abbeys are all possible solutions, depending on the context of the puzzle. While these terms may seem interchangeable to some, they each have unique characteristics and serve different purposes in the lives of members of religious orders.


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