La Fuente de Bellagio Las Vegas: A Spectacular Water and Light Show

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Las Vegas is famous for its extravagant and awe-inspiring attractions, and one of the most popular is the stunning water and light show at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The fountain show, known as La Fuente de Bellagio, is a must-see attraction that has mesmerized visitors from all over the world. In this article, we will explore the history, design, and spectacle of La Fuente de Bellagio Las Vegas.


La Fuente de Bellagio is a choreographed water and light show set to music. It takes place on an 8.5-acre lake in front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. And 3773 Howard Hughes Pkwy Las Vegas NV 89169 The show features a combination of water, music, and light that creates a mesmerizing spectacle that has been enjoyed by millions of visitors over the years.

History of La Fuente de Bellagio

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino opened its doors in 1998, and the fountain show was created as part of the hotel’s grand opening. The show was designed by WET Design, a company that specializes in creating water features and shows. The initial design of La Fuente de Bellagio included 1,214 individual jets that could shoot water up to 460 feet in the air. The show quickly became a sensation and has been a mainstay of the Las Vegas Strip ever since.

Design and Technology

The technology behind La Fuente de Bellagio is truly impressive. The fountain system is composed of 1,214 jets that can shoot water up to 460 feet in the air. The fountains are choreographed to music, and the water is illuminated by 4,792 lights. The fountains can be programmed to create a wide range of different water patterns, from simple arcs to complex geometric shapes.

The technology behind La Fuente de Bellagio is constantly evolving. In 2019, the fountain system was upgraded to include new LED lights that are brighter and more energy-efficient. The upgraded system also includes a new sound system that allows for better synchronization between the music and the water.

The Show

La Fuente de Bellagio features a wide range of music, from classical to contemporary pop. The show takes place several times a day and is free for anyone to watch. Each show is unique and lasts around 15 minutes.

The show is choreographed to music, and the water jets are synchronized with the music to create a mesmerizing display. The jets shoot water in time with the music, creating patterns and shapes that are synchronized with the music. The lights also change color and intensity in time with the music, creating a truly immersive experience.

Best Viewing Spots

There are several great viewing spots for La Fuente de Bellagio. One of the best is the sidewalk in front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. From here, visitors can see the entire show and get a close-up view of the water and light displays. Another great spot is the Eiffel Tower Experience at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. This spot offers a unique view of the fountains from above, and visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip.


La Fuente de Bellagio Las Vegas is a truly spectacular water and light show that is not to be missed. From its impressive technology to its mesmerizing choreography, the fountain show is a testament to the creativity and innovation that makes Las Vegas such an amazing destination. Whether you’re visiting Las Vegas for the first time or you’re a seasoned visitor, La Fuente de Bellagio is an attraction that you simply have to see.


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