A Slave Girl Who Happens to Be You Manga: A Tale of Struggle and Redemption

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If you are a manga fan, you might have come across the manga series titled “A Slave Girl Who Happens to Be You.” This series, written and illustrated by Umi Sakurai, is a heart-wrenching story that tells the tale of a young girl’s struggle for survival and redemption in a world where she is nothing but a slave. In this article, we will explore the story, characters, themes, and other aspects of this manga series.


The manga series “A Slave Girl Who Happens to Be You” tells the story of a young girl named Yuu, who is sold into slavery by her own father. Yuu’s life as a slave is full of hardship, as she is subjected to abuse and mistreatment by her owners. However, she refuses to give up and strives to survive in a world that is constantly trying to break her.

The Story

The story of “A Slave Girl Who Happens to Be You” begins with Yuu being sold into slavery by her father. Yuu is just a young girl at that time, a slave girl who happens to be you manga and she is taken away from her home and family, never to see them again. Her new owners are cruel and abusive, and they subject her to unspeakable acts of violence and degradation. However, despite all this, Yuu refuses to give up, and she fights for her survival with all her strength.

As the story progresses, Yuu meets other slaves who are in similar situations to her. She befriends them and forms a bond with them, and together they fight against their oppressors. The story is full of twists and turns, as Yuu and her friends encounter various obstacles and challenges. However, they never lose hope, and they keep fighting for their freedom and dignity.

The Characters

The manga series “A Slave Girl Who Happens to Be You” features a range of characters, each with their own unique personality and backstory. The main character, Yuu, is a strong and determined young girl who refuses to give up in the face of adversity. She is joined by other slaves, including Rin, a young boy who becomes her friend and ally, and Hana, a young girl who has suffered greatly at the hands of her owners.

The series also features a range of antagonists, including Yuu’s cruel and abusive owners, as well as other characters who seek to exploit and mistreat the slaves. However, the series also features characters who are sympathetic to the slaves’ plight, and who work to help them in their struggle for freedom and dignity.


The manga series “A Slave Girl Who Happens to Be You” deals with a range of themes, including the importance of friendship, the struggle for survival, and the fight for dignity and freedom. The series also explores the impact of slavery on both the slaves and their owners, and the way in which power can be abused and exploited. And More Blogs: eva fox elon musk


In conclusion, the manga series “A Slave Girl Who Happens to Be You” is a powerful and moving story that explores the struggles of a young girl as she fights for her survival and redemption in a world that seeks to break her. The series features a range of well-developed characters, and it deals with a range of important themes. If you are a manga fan, this series is definitely worth checking out.


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